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About 100K Jobs in Haiti

100K Jobs in Haiti is a networking organization of business people, churches, NGOs, and concerned individuals who are working in job creation and employment training in Haiti. Network partners work in a variety of fields including agriculture, manufacturing, handicrafts, construction, and tourism among others. 100K Jobs in Haiti partners agree to the following principles when doing business in Haiti:

  • Purchase supplies and services in Haiti whenever possible
  • Employ Haitian labor whenever possible
  • Provide constructive feedback to Haitian businesses so they can improve their quality and service
  • Publicize Haiti’s assets, advantages and strengths, not her poverty
  • Share effective strategies in job creation with other members of the network

We Believe

… that Haiti must be rebuilt by Haitians, with assistance from international partners walking along side
… that jobs foster dignity and empowerment
… in the power of small and medium businesses to significantly impact the local economy
… in sharing best practices and learning from each other
… in business people using their position and resources to benefit and transform their communities and the world

Before the Partners Worldwide business training, it was like I was driving my car at night with no headlights on.Business owner in Leogane, Haiti

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By becoming a 100K Jobs in Haiti Partner you will be connecting with a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about job creation.

Become a PartnerOur Partners

In the U.S.

Michele Edwards

Dave Genzink
US Representative
Phone: (616) 550-2670
Skype: daveg@partnersworldwide.org

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In Haiti

Cassandre A. Honore

Cassandre Honoré
In-country Representative
Phone: +011 509 3610 6163
Skype: cassee89

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Our Office

#11 Richard Jules, Delmas 75
Port au Prince, Haiti

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