Training Curriculum

Curriculum available in French and Creole

This curriculum was envisioned and initially developed in 2005 by Renita Reed, who then served as Partners Worldwide Regional Facilitator in West Africa and recognized the need for business training throughout the global network of Partners Worldwide.   Over the years, the curriculum was further shaped and refined with practical insights and feedback from Lead, Inc., in Liberia; from the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua; and from Hopeline Institute in Ghana. Today the curriculum continues to be refined and updated with the knowledge, expertise, and feedback of trainers and participants throughout the Partners Worldwide global network.

Partners Worldwide has already conducted numerous trainings throughout Haiti for the small and medium business owners who are members of the Partners Worldwide business affiliates.  Through its 100K Jobs in Haiti Initiative, Partners Worldwide strives to encourage, equip and connect job creators in order to create 100,000 new jobs in Haiti by 2020.  Partners Worldwide believes that offering its business training to a wider audience will help to achieve the audacious job creation goal it set in 2012.  Please contact us with questions or to schedule a training.

Table of Contents

Background of Partners Worldwide: Focus, Framework, and Strategic Activities

Who We Are100k jobs train the trainer

Our Focus


Vision, Mission, and Values

Session 1.     Overview of the Training, Building a Strong Business, and Review of Business Plans

Building a Strong Business

Review of Business Planspignon training

Business Plan Outline

Sesson 2.     Calling to Business

Biblical Foundation of Business

How God Is Using Business Today

Prayer Within Business

Business as Mission

Session 3.     Biblical Worldview and  Business Ethics (Values)

Biblical Worldview

Business Ethics (Values)

Ethical Considerations in Business

Session 4.     Shaping Your Brand: Business Name, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Goal Setting

Vision and Mission Statements

Goals and Objectives

Session 5.     Boundaries: How to Manage Relationships (and Businesses) with Love

Maintaining Separate Accounts

Monthly Personal BudgetCap haitian first training session

 Session 6.     Pricing and Cost Analysis

Break Even Point and Target Profit Worksheet

Pricing Policy/Terms of Sale Worksheet

Session 7.     Introduction to RecordkeepingSession , Money Management, Part I

Accounting Equations

Cash and Non-cash Transactions Journal

Session 8.     Money Management, Part II

Income Statements

Balance Sheets

Session 9.     Marketing, Part I

SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

The 5 C’s

Target Market Profile Worksheet (Customer)Graduation in Leogane

SWOT Analysis (Company and Context)

Who Else Is in the Game? (Collaborators and Competitors)

Industry/Market Analysis Worksheet

Session 10.     Marketing, Part II

Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning (STP)

Chart of Customer Segments

The 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

Product/Service Description Worksheet gonaives training 2

Marketing Review Worksheet

Marketing Tactics Worksheet

Customer Satisfaction

Employees and Motivation

Session 11.     Management: People, Time, Inventory, and Operations

Workforce Management/Human Resources

Time Management

Inventory Management

Management Team/Operations Worksheet

Sample Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Employee Requirements Worksheet

Session 12.     Other Management Logistics

Registering Your Business and Paying Taxes

Sources of Funding

Financing Plan Worksheet


Business as Mission Manifesto

Suggested Reading

Our (Partners Worldwide) training in Arcahaie was a huge success from everyone I spoke with. Our staff, the new center owner and his employees, the center’s sponsoring organization, etc. were all thrilled with the training. Thank you so much for your partnership in this. I think it’s going to be hugely beneficial to us (and hopefully to your team, as well!). I’m looking forward to the next one.”  Jackie Vouthouris, Program Director, Executives Without Borders/Ramase Lajan Project