Where We Work

Partners in the 100K Jobs in Haiti network are located throughout the country. These businesses and organizations work in agriculture and food production, manufacturing, construction, and handicrafts among others. To find out which partners work in each location, simply click on the pin points on the map.

Cities Where Partners Work

  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate, RECA
  2. Ramase Lajan, Plastic recycling franchise
  3. SOIL, Ecological Sanitation (Composting toilets and organic compost)
  4. Second Mile, Health education, agriculture training, and small business opportunities
  1. Partners Worldwide Jerusalem Business Affiliate
  2. 2nd Story Goods, Handicrafts and jewelry
  3. Ramase Lajan, plastic recycling franchise
  4. New Generation Ministries, building a bakery business and creating a large community marketplace to allow local entrepreneurs a place to sell goods
  5. MUCH Ministries, Marketplace Gonaives, grocery and community, artisan, and retail space
  1. Calvary International Development Ministries, construction training and projects
  2. Kreyol Essence, sourcing agricultural ingredients for beauty products from farmers around Jacmel
  3. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate
La Gonâve
  1. Haiti Partners, Bèl Platon School
Les Cayes
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate: GADD, an acronym that in French means Group of Entrepreneurs Devoted to Development.
  2. Haiti Partners, the Anonsiyasyon Community School, Henri Christophe Community School, the Cabois Community School, Institution Mixte Nao Community School
  1. Haitian Connection Network, computer skills training, post-secondary education, ESL, job placement
Petit Goâve
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate, Partners in Pignon
  1. Fonkoze (46 branches throughout rural Haiti) microfinance and business skills training
  2. Partners Worldwide Business Affiliate of Haitian Entrepreneurs
  3. Itala, manufacturers of snacks and pasta
  4. Enersa, manufacturers of solar panels, street lamps, and chargers
  5. Farmatrix Laboratory, pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributer
  6. Ramase Lajan, plastic recycling franchise
  7. Haiti Partners, Cité Soleil Community School (CSCS)
  8. Group of Translators and Interpreters, GTI, providing translation and interpreting services in several languages
  9. Rays of Hope, providing guidance toward self-sustainability for orphanages and schools; shipping containers into Haiti for businesses, schools, orphanages
  10. REBUILD Globally and Deux Mains, education, training, and employment making fashionable sandals from up-cycled tires
Source Matela/ Titanyen/Cabaret
  1. Mission of Hope, working with farm cooperatives to provide lunch to thousands of school children
  2. TopLine Materials, manufacturing US grade cement block, washed sand and gravel, and ready mix concrete
  3. LAVI PARTNERS and CPR- 3, growers and retailers of the leaves of the Moringa tree
St. Marc
  1. Partners Worldwide Local Business Affiliate
  2. Ramase Lajan, plastics recycling franchise