Upcoming Events

100K Jobs provides job creators a variety of ways of staying connected.  Please check the calendar below periodically as it is updated.  All events take place on Eastern Standard Time.  Please contact us with any questions.

FebruaryMarchApril MayJuneJuly
Construction Conference Call, February 16th at 11 am EST, Facilitator: Dave GenzinkFood and Agriculture Conference, March 8th at 11 am EST, Call Facilitator: Michele Edwards
Manufacturing Conference Call, April 5th , 11 am EST, Facilitator: Dave Genzink
Coffee Conference Call TBDFood and Agriculture Conference Call TBDManufacturing Conference Call TBD
Coffee Conference Call, February 18th at 4 pm EST, Facilitator: Michele EdwardsConstruction Conference Call TBD
Handicrafts and jewelry conference call TBD