Sector-Specific Business Networks

The mission of the 100K Jobs in Haiti initiative is to “encourage, equip, and connect job creators in Haiti for the purpose of increasing employment and eradicating poverty.” To achieve this mission, the initiative provides the telephone conference calls in the following economic sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Coffee growing, exporting, training and advocacy
  • Tourism
  • Handicrafts and jewelry

The purpose of these hour-long calls is to connect those working in the same sector to share best practices, knowledge and resources, and to collaborate as appropriate. Calls can be accessed by phone or Skype.

To take advantage of these quarterly networking calls, please sign on as a 100K Jobs in Haiti partner. To see a schedule of calls, please click here. Or email Michele Edwards with questions or suggestions at

Featured Networker

Seeds for Change
Yve-Car Momperousse, Founder & CEO
We are a grassroots, non-profit organization that seeks to improve lives and transform impoverished communities.

We build relationships with smallholder farmers to understand their current technical knowledge and production capacity, immediate needs, and long-term growth opportunities.