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Who Should Go?

An Insight Trip with 100K Jobs in Haiti allows small groups of 6 – 8 business-minded people from churches, civic organizations, and businesses to visit Haiti on a secure and personal journey, exploring opportunities for using the group’s unique skills and resources for the transformation and regeneration of the country’s economy. Insight trips are for people who want to learn more about Haiti before committing to financial support of, or to a long-term relationship with a local organization or business. Insight trips will help you determine if your resources and skills, or those of your church or group, can be used effectively in Haiti.

What Will Travelers Do?

An Insight Trip with 100K Jobs in Haiti offers the mission-oriented business person the chance to see firsthand how business is conducted in Haiti by visiting small and medium businesses in action. Each participant will have the opportunity to make personal connections with Haitian farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other professionals. Planned visits and activities can assist the traveler in discovering opportunities for business investment and mentoring, as well as identify sources for imported goods.

Further, this trip offers the traveler an intimate and authentic experience of Haitian culture through excursions to historical sites and beautiful beachfronts, tours of farms and local markets, as well as opportunities to buy locally-produced handicrafts and art directly from the craftspeople and artisans themselves. Haiti is a tropical island with palm dotted beaches and turquoise waters, fine cuisine, unique music, and fascinating markets, and Haitians are eager for visitors to experience the natural beauty.

Leogane Block Maker
Leogane Block Maker

haiti mountains and beach
The Cote des Arcadins
Museum pantheon
The National Pantheon Museum
iron market
The Iron Market